What we do and how we got here.


What we do

We support humans by enabling them to express their style with useful and sustainable products. For a strong Lifestyle. 

We are leaders when it comes to Pants for every life situation. We make products that aim to be comfy, sustainable and suited for any of your next adventures – whatever comes along. We pride ourselves in creating utility through strong, elegant and sustainable design.

the beginning

Roger and Felix founded ETRE-FORT back in 2009. The motivation was to make the best Parkour pants, creating every detail from scratch. As Parkour pioneers, they had a great passion for the versatile art of movement and knew exactly what kind of details and extras the pants required. This is exactly what makes our pants just as useful for many other types of movement and ways of life. Because if pants withstand the rigours of the intense sport, you can do just about anything with them.

«être fort» – being strong has been in the minds of the two founders for a long time. Since, the team has grown, but we continue to share the vision and transform it into our products: strong – useful – sustainable.


We’ve asked ourselves: does the world need more clothes?

Most certainly not in the way in which a large part of it is currently produced and consumed. That’s why we want to find a better way which we can support. Because we do dress ourselves everyday one way or another, therefore we want to know where the products come from and that they suit any of our activities. That they don’t harm our skin nor the environment – in production as well as in use. Our aim is to create products that are durable (in style & material) and do not have to be constantly replaced. A big part of the process for us is also that we are trying as best as we can to work towards a way of production where every individual involved has the opportunity to lead a better life and develop their potential as much as possible. 

We believe that we can support people in their development and inner strength. From the producer to the customer as a community. 


Founder & Owner

Felix Stöckli

Founder & Owner

Roger Widmer

Marketing & Design

Raphaelle Wettstein


Pierre Biege

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