ETRE-FORT came into existence out of the desire to create a brand, which not only has Parkour written on it but also inherits the experience of Traceurs. Originally deriving from the principle „être fort pour être utile“, today ETRE-FORT also stands for persevering and being persistent. To take courage over and over again to overcome obstacles, even after defeats. To tackle new challenges and to go one‘s own way, groundbreaking and confident. Every athlete knows this feeling and ETRE-FORT shall accompany him in future. To be strong also characterises our quality standards! ETRE-FORT measures up to the extreme strain. Maximum functionality combined with a design which comes from the heart.
The emergence


Our aim is to unite people with a passion for movement, to share experiences and for the spirit of Parkour to be noticeable. Despite our moderate capabilities, as a young and innovative fashion label we have made it our objective to support interesting and ambitious projects. According to the principle „être fort pour être utile“, we want to use our resources to provide assistance. In late 2012, we finally found the perfect partner for our mission: ONE PERCENT FOR THE PLANET. As from 2013, we will donate 1% of our total sales to charitable organizations.


Roger Widmer and Felix Stöckli have been passionate Traceurs from the very beginning. What commenced at the beginning of the year 2000 has endured until this day. The movement, the untiring activity of overcoming obstacles and the friendship arising thereby, form the motor and origin of ETRE-FORT. A brand which reflects the spirit and mind of Parkour. Roger Widmer; goldsmith, teacher of arts and crafts as well as education of adults and loving father of a familiy, together with Felix Stöckli; chef, globetrotter and all-round talent are the perfect team. Joint performances on ventures such as ParkourONE already indicated that they advance efficiently, if they unite their strengths. „ We are proud and delighted to watch from now on, as ETRE-FORT together with the people that wear this brand, pursue new paths!“