When it comes to parkour and travelling, the first thing you probably ask yourself is what you take with you. Of course, your training pants, your shoes and enough t-shirts to change the sweaty shirts after a hard parkour training must not be missing. To capture your most inspiring moments and trainings, the camera can not stay at home either. So your packing list fills itself up bit by bit and at some point the question arises: where do I pack it all in? With the Tracers Travel Bag we have the perfect solution for you, it simply has space for everything. Here are the best 5 reasons to travel with the ETRE-FORT Tracers Travel Bag.

1. All you need in one bag

You won’t believe it. The main compartment of the Tracers Travel Bag holds 45 liters. And even if you pack the full 45 liters, you will still have enough room for technical equipment and personal belongings.

2. Side Access Pocket

The useful side pocket gives you quick and easy access to important items in the main compartment of the Tracers Travel Bag. Be it your camera, a piece of clothing or whatever else you like to have at hand quickly.

3. Straps to attach a sleeping bag, hammock and more

When your Tracers Travel Bag is packed, you have even more options. With the removable straps you can easily attach your sleeping bag, hammock or tripod to the bag.

4. Water resistant

Even if it should rain, snow or be a little wet on your trip – no problem. The Tracers Travel Bag is water resistant and can withstand heavy rainfall.

5. Carry-on size

You can easily use the Bag as hand luggage. Simply tuck in the backpack strands and it will pass as hand luggage on the plane for your next trip.

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