Change is what keeps us going – now more than ever

Change is a topic that we often discuss at ETREFORT. Our society, our environment and most of all each of us are constantly changing. Raphaëlle from our team has written down tips for you on how to deal with change, especially now.

Change is a process.

How is your life changing?

I am aware that for many people, everyday life changes in very different ways in the current situation. Especially when it comes to work and leisure, this does not happen in the same way for everyone. The corona situation is no longer “new”, so now it is more about feeling good and optimising small things. In this text I share experiences from my everyday life, as well as from conversations with others around me who experience different changes.

Maybe you currently have more or actually less free time. Or you can go to work the same way as before, but spend most of your free time at home. Maybe you have never worked from home before. No matter what, it is just as important as before to structure your day and take time for yourself. Treat yourself to a break and think about what you want to do with your time. In this text you will find a few thoughts on what can help you with this and how you still feel part of a community in times of #socialdistancing.


 Here is what can help you with all the hanges at work and in your free time:

Structures & schedules


Create recurring routines for your day and your week, which are adapted to the current situation. This includes everything – from food, to sports, to work and relaxation.

Make a simple daily schedule or set appointments that are limited in time. Also for cooking, eating, maybe even sleeping!
While doing this, it is important that you set realistic times for the various occupations, as well as a feasible number of them for a day. If this is difficult for you, ask friends or colleagues for support. We are all different and everyone has different strengths with which we can support each other 🙂

Home office

Working from home is different from working at the office. But it can work just as well if you can answer the following questions:

Do you know what responsibility you have?
Do you know which ones your colleagues have?
Do you know who to ask for advice on problems?
Do you regularly inform others about what you are working on?
Do you document your work so that you can provide information about it at any time?
Do you regularly get information about what others are working on?

Many of these things come up organically in a discussion over coffee or lunch in everyday office life. This possibility does not arise automatically while working from home, but it is an important factor for teamwork to function well. Create the situations that enable you to talk to your colleagues. Get in touch with them, sometimes without a specific goal – simply to exchange ideas.
And by the way – documenting your own work also helps you. You can see your progress at a glance and see what you have achieved. Briefly go through your completed tasks at the end of each working day and enjoy what you have completed.

Various tools can help you to document and focus on working at home. Here are a few examples:


Organizing & Documenting

Focus & Efficiency
StayFocused, LeechBlock, FocusMe (Browserextensions)
Focus@Will, Brain.fm, Noizio (Backgroundsound)

Another important point when working at home is that you are not physically at your usual place of work. Take the time to set up your workplace for you to feel comfortable. It is important that you use this place only to work – you should eat or take a break somewhere else. If it is not possible to leave everything there due to lack of space, put away your work items in the evening so that you can visually separate work and leisure.

A very personal tip at the end: A distinct and planned start and end of my working day helps me – ideally if I can do that with the team. I sit down in the morning, plan my day and end it in the evening celebrating the tasks I have done 🙂

Free time at home

You might be used to spending time at home, but probably not as much as you have to currently. But it is just as important as for work that you feel comfortable and use the time wisely.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to relax from work or just have more free time than usual. What is important, is that you take time for yourself. At the same time, this also increases your capacity to take care of others, even outside of your household. Especially if you may not be living alone – time for yourself every day is crucial. Use these moments to gather your thoughts and think about what you want to use your time for.
Here is some food for thought:

What am i doing for myself today?
How do I relax?
When do I exercise?
Do I feel comfortable where I live?
What do I want to work on, what do I want to learn?
Who will I talk to today (outside of my household)?

In the current situation, you are spending more time at home. Think about whether your home is adapted for it – you can always rearrange it at any time in the future for different use.

Having social contact is also quite different. Calling is not the same as actually seeing each other. So try to find new ways – for example with a video call, drink coffee / beer together, cook or be on the move together via video (you could always try an online live class from ParkourONE, you can register for a test lesson anytime). Create situations that are as similar as possible to your usual activities. Doing the same thing at the same time promotes the feeling of community.

A few final words

Don’t forget, every change involves an adjustment process. If you think to yourself: “Today was not a good day.” it’s completely fine. Let go of this thought, because tomorrow you have another chance to make progress.
If you have gained some specific insight, write it down for yourself (can also be only in key words). Talk about your ideas and be proud of your successes – every day you experience some! (the small things count just as much: did your cat do something funny and you laughed? Do you wear the perfect outfit? Did you eat really well? Have you asked friends or family how they’re doing? Everything counts).
No matter how and where you share your successes, being aware of them makes you happy.

The most important advice I want to give you: If you don’t know what to do and can’t find a starting point, ASK FOR ADVICE – whether it be in your work team or with your friends. You will be surprised how many want to support you and give you a new perspective through a good conversation.

Do you have any more tips? Write to me in the comments or personally. You can also reach us via Instagram: etrefort_de.

I look forward to your feedback. If you liked this blog, please share it with your friends. It is precisely at this time that we all need a little support.

By the way – you can support us too 🙂
Namely, by stopping by in our Shop and getting the perfect clothes for your every day life. 

 We can make a difference now, if we use our energy for the well-being of each other.


What are your thoughts on the topics above?

Share your comments below.


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