ETRE-FORT Parkour athlete Thibaut Granier de Cassagnac is an OT with a great Parkour history. His journey began in 2004 with his group Shintai. It wasn\’t long before the entire group became students of David Belle and joined his team as well. Many years, commercials, movies and worldwide events later, ETRE-FORT Parkour athlete Thibaut Granier de Cassagnac founded Parkour Paris. Parkour Paris has established itself as one of the leading Parkour schools in France.
ETRE-FORT Parkour athlete Thibaut Granier de Cassagnac is not one to shy away from big and new challenges. His training is not just very physical but also mental. You should check out his videos.

To discover more about ETRE-FORT Parkour athlete Thibaut Granier de Cassagnac, read the interview and enjoy the video at the end.


How long have you been practicing Parkour and how did you discover it?

I started Parkour in 2004. I was climbing at the time and a friend of mine told me about a movie called Banlieu 13. Then I did some research and I found David Belle and Parkour.

What inspires you?

I get my inspiration from many things. It could be a video, a guy or anything else. You need inspiration to practice Parkour for many years, otherwise you will get bored.


Why opt to work with ETRE-FORT?

Mostly because they are good friends. But the main reason is that I really love the clothes. I only wear ETRE-FORT, not because I’m an athlete but because I like the style of the clothes.

There are also good athletes in the team and it’s a good opportunity to meet new people and train with them.


Describe your personal training, how do you train, what do you focus on?

Honestly, it changes so much, it’s hard to answer. 2-3 months ago, I discovered Ido portal and mouvement. It really inspired me for my conditioning.

About Parkour, I always force myself to find new goals, especially for 2018, it wrote down 40 goals (most of them are jumps that I want to break but there is also stuff like running a marathon, 1 arm pull up…).


What’s your favorite spot?

Olympiades in Paris, which is the Chinese district.


être fort pour être… (be strong to be…)?

Etre fort pour etre pret… be strong to be ready 🙂