Back to the roots – Parkour Origin.

Proud to present you: ETRE-FORT Parkour Origin – Lisses where our athletes hang around the mythical city together to train and show you the new collection we’ve been working on, and the values that it represents.
This is the first of two videos, and lots of content about this project, so stay tuned!

Shirt Dame du Lac | Thibaut Granier | ETRE-FORT Parkour Clothing


The Motto of Parkour is to be and to last. Therefore you need to keep your body in good shape, You need to be strong.
Thibaut De Cassagnac said this 10 years ago, and in our new Video: ETRE-FORT Parkour Origin – Lisses below, he shows you why his point never changed.

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New pants!

We have updated our Stretch Jeans with a new zipped pocket as well as a new color option and our Shorts with a new design. With our new shorts you will definitely always carry on training and being motivated thanks to the “TRAIN HARD – TAKE CARE” embroidery on the side.

Have a look at all the details!

Dame du Lac

You probably know best that when you are out training, you eventually go back to where it all started and sparked your fascination for Parkour – no matter if it’s just a quick thought or actually going to the spot where you started.

Exactly this feeling was the inspiration for our Dame du Lac collection.

Tracer on the road

If you are always on the road, we have the perfect accessories for you: Hammock Tracers Home and Tracers Travel Bag.

We have created a light but robust Hammock for you to take everywhere – no matter if up in the city’s skyline, exploring forests or just hanging out at the park. If you need to take a few items more on your trips, like a camera and clothes, just pack your Tracers Travel Bag and you’re all set.

Check out the details of our Hammock and Bag here: