Two weeks ago the ETRE-FORT Athletes Meeting took place in Switzerland, precisely in Bern, home of the founders Felix and Roger. This meeting was the first of its kind with all the EF athletes, therefore preparations for this event were very intense.

Participants were the EF athletes, two founders and EF photographer Daniel “Stavrography” Girizd.

Over the course of two days they discussed the past, present and future of ETRE-FORT and thereby mapped out current and future projects. It is of great importance to Roger and Felix for the athletes to be a part of the further development of ETRE-FORT as a brand – after all they are the embodiments and faces of EF.

Furthermore they concerned themselves with the current collection, discussed future products, designs and events and ways for the athletes to become even more involved with the brand.

Last but not least EF stands for a culture of movement, so training sessions were obviously going to take place. Especially a session that took place in Ramons ONEderful garden inspired the athletes and brought them all closer together.


“At ETRE-FORT I feel that I am in good hands and comfortable. It’s not all about products and profit, the athlete is the center of attention and that’s how it should be.” A beautiful statement by Sergio “Steel” Cora Campos, which puts the essence of ETRE-FORT in a nutshell.