This year’s Retiro Parkour & Movimento will take place in the beautiful Region of Algarve, Portugal. During four days, the participants will have the opportunity to move, relax, eat healthy and just have a wholesome experience. Accommodation during the event is also provided.

Alex, one of the organizers of the event tells us what it is all about.

retiro parkour e movimento

Parkour is as natural to the Human being as breathing. The body was made to move, and Parkour is its epitome.

The Retiro (Retreat) is an event that brings the participant back to the roots and out of the comfort zone.

By being there, you face yourself with a community setting working on exploration and the introduction to other types of movement. Tools for your toolbox – discarding the useless and taking the useful to the individual.

retiro parkour e movimento

During these days the experience is full-on – from eating to exercising, everything has a purpose, and by the end, each individual will take a different experience home from the retreat.

retiro parkour e movimento

This year, the Retiro will be in Monchique, Algarve, Portugal, from the 11-14th July. We also have special guests visiting us: Luís Alkmim, Márcio Filipe and Judit Sviza !

Me (Alexandre Lopes, below on the right), Patrick Gerken (left) and António Guita, the three coaches at the Retiro are looking forward to seeing you there!

retiro parkour e movimento

Ready to get your ticket? You can get them and all the information you need by sending an e-mail to: In addition to the ticket, you will receive 15% off to order your favorite gear at ETRE-FORT!

Keep up to date and see what’s happening around the Retiro on their Instagram.