We put some serious thoughts into what our next new clothing product should be. We knew we wanted to create something that will shake the Parkour and Freerunning community and set a new fashion statement. Create a new wave. Therefore we proudly present the new ETRE-FORT EF-T1 Extra, dungarees that will surely set you and us as a brand apart from everyone else.

The ETRE-FORT EF-T1 Extra is designed on the basis of the EF-T1 pants. For now we only introduced the black color way with orange details. We have more color combos in the pipeline. These dungarees have all the great gadgets you have become accustomed to, plus a zippered pocket behind the big ETRE-FORT logo on the chest.

Check out the video by Joel featuring our new ETRE-FORT EF-T1 Extra. And just in case you have doubts about its usefulness, stand by to be convinced otherwise.