We have a new athlete in our team, better yet though our first female ETRE-FORT athlete. We proudly present new ETRE-FORT Parkour and Freerunning athlete Hazal Nehir. She hails from Ankara, Turkey. Movement has always been a pivotal piece of her life, she used to breakdance before she transitioned to Parkour and Freerunning and stuck with it. New ETRE-FORT Parkour and Freerunning athlete Hazal Nehir is all smiles all day – must be her passion for training.

Read the interview with ETRE-FORT Parkour and Freerunning athlete Hazal Nehir. Her video can be found at the end of the interview.

How long have you been practicing Parkour and how did you discover it?

I have been doing Parkour since 2014. I used to practice B-boying and one day I went to the gym to train then I saw a guy doing Parkour and I fell in love with this sport.

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me but mostly animes and my dreams.


Why opt to work with ETRE-FORT?

EF’s vision is very similar to mine. That’s why I think it is going to be good to work with EF.


Describe your personal training, how do you train, what do you focus on?

The point is always having fun but I mostly focus on basics. I try to improve and combine each of them, like training both sides, both legs, both arms. I try to feel more comfortable while moving or jumping and don’t need to think about my steps or my next move.


What’s your favorite spot?

My favorite spot always changes depending on my mood. I can\’t say that I have one favorite spot to train at.


 être fort pour être… (be strong to be…)?

… to be happy!