Last week, we proudly presented our all new website to you. Surely, you have had some time to check it out. Maybe you have noticed that it is a lot faster than the previous page. But did you get to see all the awesome details? 🙂

First of all, check out the mobile page if you haven’t yet! It features our new Dame du Lac video right at the top. After watching, just navigate further down and discover a selection of our items. Did anything catch your attention? Then just tap on the item and have a look at the inspiring imagery and watch some more detailed videos on the new collection and read all about the special features of the product.

Wizzard Checkout

We have also included Wizzard Checkout for you to have an even better shopping experience with us, you have all the usual paying methods available.


Of course, the desktop version offers all of the above as well. So have a look and get inspired for your next training!