A few weeks back, Boki (Bogdan Cvetkovic) organised workshops he held with Phosky (Pedro Leon Gomez) and Sandi (Aleksandar Banovic) in Postonja, Slovenia.

Workshop Slovenia

Boki tells us more about the fascinating event:

So, there were two available workshops on a Saturday for different ages. The first one was a kids workshop which lasted for one and a half hour. For this one, we had around 15-20 kids, they were 10 to 15 years old.

Afterwards in the afternoon, we had an adult workshop that lasted for two hours. There were 24-28 participants and they were mostly between 16 and 30 years old. The participants were coming from Slovenia, Croatia and Austria.

The goal of the workshop and jam was to get people together (there are not that much events in Slovenia). We wanted to spread and support the educational work which is regularly done by two organisations from Slovenia: Parkour Slovenia and the Association “Gibanje”.

Workshop Slovenia

This was my first time that I coached with Phosky. I was positively surprised by his knowledge and approach. Whenever I feel good energy from the people around me, I am inspired to move. I really had a wonderful time seeing my old friends and meeting new ones. For me, this event reminds me of how the community and people working together in Parkour is important and that there are never just individuals.

It makes me happy to see that ETRE-FORT supports events like this because smaller communities get to be in the spotlight. It’s a really big thing for the leaders of those communities when they have support from a brand like ETRE-FORT.

Next year, there will be another event like this one organised in Slovenia. I am also planning to get a similar workshop going with ETRE-FORT athletes in Serbia by the end of this year or next year.

Workshop Slovenia

Sandi, who was organising the workshop with Boki shares his impression of the workshop:

The workshop was a blast. The energy was high despite bad weather and Phosky’s broken knee, there were no complains from practitioners – all participants looked satisfied. I was very happy too, because this was my first workshop with so many people (38 people). I organized one workshop with Boki last year for my students only (15 people). So this workshop is really my second one, but it was a complete success.

Workshop Slovenia

I am certainly interested in further collaboration, as this can have huge impact on my original idea to make Parkour more known and recognized locally and also throughout Slovenia. We have small community, all together 3 people who are instructors. So I think this this is a good opportunity to expand our work and also yours (of ETRE-FORT) to the territory of Slovenia.

Workshop Slovenia

Have a look at their Facebook: Sportno Drustvo Gibanje Postojna
And Instagram: sd_gibanje_postojna