For us at ETRE-FORT, encouraging everyone to move is a big goal. Especially when it comes to the next generation around us. That’s why we are supporting, amongst others, the Youth and Kids Parkour Camp in Serbia.

Last summer, there was a group of kids and youngsters moving through the surroundings of Kraljevo. That’s where Parkour first emerged from in 2003 in Serbia, when Boki (Bogdan Cvetkovic) started training there. No matter if they were experienced in Parkour or not, they had the chance to get a taste of all there is to this philosophy of movement. From actual trainings on constructed obstacle courses on campus, flowing through the urban environment, walking tours in the beautiful hills of the surroundings to learning more about the history and theory of Parkour, everything and more was included. Have a look at the two videos and enjoy!

This summer, Parkour Srbija are planning a Parkour camp again. Check out their page for more information.

If you happen to be working on a project alike, let us know! We are always eager to hear what’s going on. In addition, there might be a possible for us to help out and kickstart your emerging project.