Did you already take a look at the new Stretch Jeans EF-J2? If not, we are going to tell you all about them.

Stretchy jeans

The material of the pants is a very stretchy jeans fabric in order for you to move just as freely as with any other sportspants. The jeans has a buttoned fly, just as many other pants.

Zip Pocket

First of all, we included a zipped pocket. This way, you are sure to never loose your keys or any change, even during your hard trainings.

Two color combinations

For the new Jeans, we do not only have black with the classic EF-orange details available, but also a nice and stylish grey with black details.

Cordel to tie or stow away

Talking about details – we kept the cord from our EF-OT and EF-T1 pants so you can adjust the pants to your size and the cord also works as a t-shirt holder in the back, just as you are already used to. If you should choose to wear the pants with a belt, no worries: just pull the cord inside and hide it.

Do you need any more reasons to buy the best jeans ever? 🙂