As with any project, we started with a simple idea while training in the forest of Fontainebleau, France.

Everyone knows the feeling of only being focused on one activity – in Roger and Felix’s case it was Parkour training in the woods.

Their car keys had fallen out without anybody noticing.

The idea

After an intensive day of training, they were standing in front of the car and could not drive back to the camping site because the key had somehow lost the key. At that precise moment, an idea came up: to make the best and most useful parkour pants themselves. They needed be practical, tough and stylish. The pants should be able to endure everything in any given situation, whether in the forest or in the city, climbing or wherever. Pants that would be so comfortable and useful that you don’t ever want to take them off.

Founding the brand

In 2012 Felix and Roger made their idea into a real project by founding ETREFORT as a Parkour brand. The ETREFORT baggy pants have traveled the world, not least thanks to motivated athletes such as Phosky, Boki, Ramon, Salgado, Thibaut and many more.
The Pants inspire and support everyone at any age. And when we see what is being done with the pants, we can not stop being amazed. On our way with ETREFORT we have united countries and given people a voice to be strong. We organized LEAVE YOUR COMFORT ZONE (2014, 2015) and pushed ourselves to the extreme. Experiences that we as a team will never forget and of course you have also experienced and endured so many parts of it. We have to admit very clearly: You are strong people, with a lot of perseverance, a lot of love and above all a lot of self-confidence. Thank you for being on this path with us.

The definition of “be strong”

But what does it mean to be strong? We have been thinking about this for years and we are convinced that everyone can be strong. It is the athlete who works hard to achieve his goals. The parents taking care of their children at home. The father who has been carrying an illness for years. Friends who support each other. And you, because being strong starts with you – it comes from within. You know the feeling of inner strength, mental strength, a resilient attitude – you can call it what you want. All of us have experienced it and it is present in each of us. Being strong is the ability to deal with certain situations in life. This includes standing up when fate pulls you to the ground. Or to defend yourself against attacks of all kinds. Also, the ability to take care of yourself and others. It is self-efficacy and everyone is able to work on it.

The standards for our clothing

ETREFORT (être fort) – To be strong is our message since the start and we want to spread it to the world. We are surrounded by people who are strong and the community continues to grow. Being strong also means questioning yourself. And we kept asking ourselves, how can take a step further? We have created many more products since our first baggy pants. All with the same claim: they should be practical, strong and stylish. And our goal has remained the same: to support people in their strengths with strong and useful products, adapted to every adventure. There are also many other exciting questions that always accompany us.


  • What do I consume?
  • How often do I buy things?
  • How do I dress?
  • How and what do I eat?
  • How do I take care of myself?
  • What do I do for my health?
  • How do I take care of my environment sustainably?
  • What do I want to achieve?

Sustainability and social responsibility

Being strong means finding answers and making conscious decisions accordingly. Because only you make the difference, by choosing how to go through life.

That is exactly our goal with ETREFORT. Always asking questions, looking for answers and act accordingly to them. We want to live up to our name and that’s why we pay attention to socially fair production. We are constantly looking for meaningful and sustainable solutions with our partners in Portugal. The path to sustainability is not an easy one. But it strengthens us and our brand. This path will never be completed, so we regularly change what we no longer find useful. We are open, we want to stay agile and we want to learn.


Every human being is strong

And as a strong brand we want to support you. So that you can go through life strongly and sustainably. We produce clothes with a lot of love. We rely on useful clothing and sustainable production in Portugal.
Pants, shirts, hoodies and accessories – there is real strength in every piece of clothing. Being strong means being useful to the environment and society. To know the people behind the working conditions. To thank them personally. Because we have the opportunity to make the difference. How we choose our attitude and which path we take in life. You have exactly the same possibility. So make the difference: start and work on your strengths. Being strong means that you expand your comfort zone. Step by step. So we make one step after another with the belief: everyone can discover their path. Everyone can learn to stand up for themselves and to be strong.

ETREFORT – you make the difference.

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