What now?

It feels as if everyone is talking only about one topic. The situation changes day by day, a lot is uncertain. Inevitably, the question arises: what is constant, where do we seek orientation? In the following blog, I would like to share my thoughts with you.

Raphaëlle – ETREFORT Team


Life goes on – just a bit slower.

In this text, I would like to share my thoughts on everything that is going on right now. I do not have all the answers, but I know how much we can change with our attitude alone. I hope that you can take a lot of energy, motivation and courage from my words.

What do I want to see?

There is a lot of negative information circulating, you hardly get any other news apart from the virus – yet, there are always positive messages sneaking in. For example, the air quality in China has improved significantly. Or that the water in the canals of Venice is suddenly clear. Also how people are currently supporting each other everywhere – be it singing on balconies or through exciting challenges that bring people together regardless of distance thanks to social media – thus reducing loneliness. The groups of helpers in neighbourhoods popping up everywhere are just as inspiring – looking at where I live, a whatsappgroup dedicated to just that grew to 100 people in just one day, and people seeking help can find someone supporting them in a few minutes. I draw my attention to things like that, because it gives me hope and energy.

What am I thankful for?

The fact that I can concentrate on things like the above goes hand in hand with the fact that I am incredibely grateful to everyone who is currently making a contribution. First and foremost for the entire nursing staff, for all those who want to ensure that everything necessary, such as food, electricity and water supply continues to function. For all those that keep up with the rules communicated by the government or WHO. For everyone who cares about their loved ones. And for everyone who makes the difference in my life. Thank you! And please, let’s also thank them by not panicking (and therefore creating an unneeded disbalance) and continuing to help where we can.

Who can I support?

I am neiter medically trained nor do I know a lot about electricity supply. Nevertheless, I do think about where I can make my contribution so that we can continue with good energy.

Here are some questions that I ask myself every day – currently even more:


  • How can I support my family?
  • How can I support my friends and coworkers?
  • How can I support people in my area?

It is all about keeping in touch with everyone. I can only find out how or with what I can help in a meaningful way if I keep asking. Perhapts it is already enough, if I just ask someone everyday how they are doing or what they want to talk about today. Or that I offer my help in the house or neighbourhood – for example by hanging a note with my contact details and how I am willing to help. To think about how all people stay up to date, because not all generations are regularly on the internet or sociao media. Of course, with all these things it is still important to take personal responsibility and only go out when you feel completely healthy, and also to avoid close contact and follow all other current guidelines.

Maybe this is exactly what our world needs right now? A slowdown, a break? To be out of your comfort zone?

What opportunities can I gain from this situation?

“Life goes on, just slower”, said one of Switzerlands federal councils a few days ago. I find this statement very valuable, because the world does not stand still, on the contrary. But we have to find new solution on how we handle our daily life.

Isn’t it also incredibly exciting how much this virus is changing?

It gives hope, that we can change a lot as a community if we choose to do so. Because each of our actions contributes to how we deal with other people and our environment. But only if we consider the matter urgent enough.

So, maybe this is exactly what our world needs right now? A break? Taking it slower? Being out of the comfort zone?

Strong – useful – sustanable. Our vision is now more important to me personally than ever before. I want to be stronger for everyone around me, I want to be able to support them in an useful way so that this excperience creates a future that we can all be proud of as a community.

One thing I see is that this situation creates time. For example, many no longer commute, certain tasks are reduced or completely eliminated. Or no plans in the evening or on weekends. So the obvious question is what can be done with the time gained. I can change my daily routine and thus slow down my everyday life. And a lot of others tell me that they have more time. Isn’t that nice?

At the same time, rethinking my routines also means rethinking what I use my energy for. I ask myself whether my work will achieve what is important to me in the current situation. I have talked to Pierre about this. What he says aligns quite well with my thoughts: “Even if I knew for certain that the world as we know it would end soon, my day would look very similar. The message that I want to spread remains the same. Maybe the way of communication can change.” At ETREFORT, we work on how we can achieve this together every day  finding new strategies. We want to support people in their strengths – this is the goal we have for everyone who is part of ETREFORT, from the producer to the customer.


Personal thoughts – how am I doing?

I have written down a lot about helping ond how important it is to support each other. The best condition to start with for that, is if I am doing well. I am taking more time to myself right now. I think about what I need so my energy does not run out. One of my strategies to keep that up, as mentioned above, is to focus my attention on the good events and what we have achieved.

The following examples have inspired and given me energy in the past few days:

  • The realization that now more than ever, hope is awakened in people again because they see cooperation and support between each other working. They see what can be achieved and moved as a community. 
  • The feeling that so many positive things are coming at me from all sides. Mutual support and a lot of people asking how everyone is doing and how everyone is coping with all that’s happening. In every conversation I have had over the past few days, I have heard at least one statement about what my counterpart perceives as positive in the current situation. Nevertheless, there are worries that cannot be completely shaken off, but clearly do not outweigh the good stuff.
  • The experience, that people are asking about my opinion on the current topics and that I am being asked for advice. And the result of the fact that both motivated each other and came out of the conversation with a smile.

As mentioned at the beginning, I share these thoughts in the hope of bringing some positivity to you. And to share our energy at ETREFORT with you so that you can make a difference in your own environment. we appreciate any input and feedback on this text.

If you feel like exchanging ideas in a more extensive way, do not hesitate to drop us a personal message:

What are your thoughts on the topics above?

Share your comments below.


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