At ETRE-FORT, our goal is to support people with a passion for movement. If it is linked to Parkour – even more perfect! We’re happy to announce Richard and his team, Urban Generations are going to take part in the World Chase Tag Competition with our support coming up this summer.

World Chase Tag Team Urban Generations ETRE-FORT

Here is their story:

We all started by going to World Chase Tag (WCT) meet ups that are held every now and then, just to play tag. Myself (Richard), Dayne and Haroon all knew each other and through WCT we met Andy
There were qualifiers being held in Wales for WCT2 where we were all invited to come try and qualify. Although we’d all done a few chase tag meet ups, we had never really played together all that much. We’d all heard loads of tales about Andy and his crazy style. So meeting him in person and seeing the way he moves and chases was crazy.

After winning the Wales qualifiers, we decided to make a legit team of ourselves. We decided on keeping the name we came up with on the way to Wales: Urban Generations. From then we’ve made videos together and we’re constantly aiming to become more of a team.

Our Goals

When it comes to our goals, most of the team plays for the fun of playing. We all enjoy it, whether that be to push ourselves or to prove something to ourselves.
It’s always been about having fun and enjoying those moments. There’s something great about standing along side some of the worlds best Parkour athletes and having this intense game of tag. You may have trained with them before, or even become mates. But in that specific moment, all that matters is getting that tag or evasion. And when it’s all over, you’re still mates, you hug or fist bump and then onto the next round. So our goal is to have fun and enjoy that experience. And of course let’s not forget: We all wanna win and this year we are training more than ever to do just that.

Our mindset for training

Now training WCT is a bit hard, as there’s no purpose built facility for it around here, other than for example in Japan. What we do is try and find spots that are good for it, but this is easier said than done. The past years none of us have really trained for WCT and we’ve just kinda done Parkour, then just come to do WCT on the day and played. We all just felt that we were ready for it whenever. However, we always spoke about how we would play and what we would do.

But this year, we have changed our approach. Our complete team is based in London, so we have been able to get together a lot more to just train WCT. The idea was to train WCT as a supplement to what we’ve been training outside of it in the gym, working on cardio and agility. With the goal to aid when we play tag of course. We all still feel as if we are ready for it and could just compete at the drop of a hat, but we want to make sure we are more ready than ever for the event.

There are so many reasons myself and the team love WCT, and I think the biggest reason is that it’s one of the purest ways of competing in our minds. There’s a very simple goal: Don’t get caught! Or tag that guy! Of course it gets more complex once you are actually in the game and playing. But the goal always stays the same.

This means it’s not as subjective as for example a style competition. It’s a lot easier to determine a winner in an objective way. Not to mention just how fun it is to play. It’s so intense yet so relaxed, everyone’s friendly, yet wants to win. It’s just a great environment to be in.

I can’t thank the founders of World Chase Tag Christian and Damien enough for making it possible! They are not simply the organizers of the event, they do try take everything we say and do into consideration and helping us where they can. So that’s really amazing, they are inspiring guys.

These five guys are the Urban Generations team:
Richard (@Urban_brick_toucher)
Haroon (H4r00n)
Dayne (@Legsprings)
Omar (@0marmajdoub)
Andy (@nofussofficial)

and their photographer Daniel (@dornaden)

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