Terms & Conditions

1. Validity of the T&CWe furnish all supplies and performances on the basis of the following T&C, in the version valid at the point in time of the order. These T&C are valid on indefinite time, as long as they were not modified by the parties in written agreement. In all other respects the regulations are valid of the OR over the sales contract as well as other Swiss laws and regulations. Should a clause of these T&C be ineffective or exists a gap, the legal force of the remaining regulations/clauses remain by it. In place of the ineffective regulations/causes an effective regulation/clause is valid from the outset agreed upon, whiche comes economically closest to the one agreed by the parties. The same is valid in case of a contract gap.

2. Supply and conclusion of the contract

Our price lists, folders and publications via Internet are basically noncommittal. Supplies, products or performances demanded by our customers, which are not contained in the suppliers offer, will be charged for by us. A supply is valid until recalled, unless agreed otherwise in written form. The contract comes to effect with acceptance of the order. In case of obvious posting and billing errors we are entitled to terminate the contract.

3. Supply and dates

In case of delivery overseas and sometimes Europe the purchaser assumes the additional taxes and customs duties. The purchaser is obliged to accept and pay the merchandise/article.

Careful, in the month of December, the shipping can take up to 6-8 weeks, specially to Countries outside of Europe.

The delivery usually takes place within 1 to 2 weeks. If the article is out of stock at our suppliers as well, delivery times can take a month or longer. The purchaser will be informed about this and then has the right to cancel the purchase in written form. The dates will be shifted adequately if obstacles occur which lie outside of the suppliers will (significant interruption of operations, delayed or incorrect/faulty supplies etc.).

In case of other delays the orderer can:

I. Abandon further deliveries: The supplier has to be informed immediately.
II. Appoint us an adequate deadline for subsequent delivery: If we do not fulfill within expiration of the additional respite, the customer may, provided he declares it immediately, abandon subsequent service or withdraw from the contract. We must inform the customer as rapidly as possible about delays. We are entitled to partial deliveries. Additional delivery charges incurred by partial deliveries will be assumed by us.

4. Fulfillment of a contract

For the amount and execution of the supply our confirmation is decisive. As far as no special place of delivery is arranged by the parties or arises from the nature of the business, the allocation of products at our distribution center is considered as delivery.  If not specifically agreed on otherwise, then with the dispatch of the product the utility and risk are passed onto the purchaser.

5. Right to return

(1) You have the right, if you are unhappy for any reason with your newly purchased product to return the product within 10 calendar days of receipt of the goods in accordance with the provisions of this section without giving reasons. Please contact shop@etre-fort.com for the current return address.

Sie haben das Recht, wenn Sie aus irgendeinem Grund unglücklich mit Ihrem neu gekauften Produkt sind, das Produkt innerhalb von 10 Kalendertagen nach Erhalt der Ware gemäß der Bestimmungen dieses Abschnittes ohne Angaben von Gründen zu retournieren. Bitte kontaktieren Sie shop@etre-fort.com für die aktuelle Rücksendeadresse.

(2) In most cases the products can be returned to the address (ETRE FORT GmbH Felix Stöckli Schwarztorstrasse 9, 3007 Bern, Switzerland). Please contact us before sending back your package. IMPORTANT: Please mark the package as a return and with no value! If we have to pay any custom or shipping fees of your return, we  need to charge this.

Die Produkte können an die Adresse (ETRE-FORT GmbH, Felix Stöckli, Schwarztorstrasse 9, 3007 Bern, Schweiz), retourniert werden. Bitte melden Sie sich bei uns bevor der Rückversand vorgenommen wird.  WICHTIG: bitte das Paket als Warenrücksenung markieren und mit 0.- Warenwert angeben. Falls bei uns Zoll oder Versandkosten auf Ihre Rücksendung anfallen, müssten wir diese in Rechnung stellen.

(3)All items will be returned in this way controlled by us. Purchased items must be returned with all packaging material and the product description and must not have any signs of use. The cost of the return you are wearing in this case. A return will be rejected if it:
– Traces of use are visible.
– The product is returned without original packaging and without product description.
– The product is damaged due to the transportation.

Alle auf diesem Weg retournierten Artikel werden von uns kontrolliert. Gekaufte Produkte müssen mit dem gesamten Verpackungsmaterial und der Produktbeschreibung retourniert werden und dürfen keine Spuren von Gebrauch aufweisen. Die Kosten für den Rücktransport tragen Sie in diesem Fall. Eine Rücknahme wird dabei abgelehnt wenn:
– Spuren des Gebrauches sichtbar sind.
– das Produkt ohne ursprüngliche Verpackung und ohne Produktbeschreibung retourniert wird.
– das Produkt auf Grund des Transportes beschädigt wird.

We will only refund the selling price (as an onlinevoucher / coupon); duties, taxes and originally incurred shipping charges will not be refunded.

Wir werden lediglich den Verkaufspreis (als Onlinegutschrift / Coupon) zurückerstatten; Zölle, Steuern sowie die ursprünglich angefallenen Versandkosten werden nicht zurückerstattet.

No refunds or exchanges on any special offers.

Keine Rückerstattung oder Umtausch auf reduzierter Ware oder Sonderangeboten.

(4)If the product have quality defects or may not have been ordered from you, ETRE-FORT will gladly refund the purchase price, the cost of transporting the kidneys returns, duties and taxes incurred (through receipts to prove) and the original shipping costs. The products may not be returned if the product shows signs of damage, such as:

– Traces, which are based on normal use support
– Higher circumstances such as natural disasters
– Traces of improper use
– Interventions of the purchaser or third parties
– Extreme use or extreme influence by the customer

Sollte das Produkt Qualitätsmängel aufweisen oder nicht von Ihnen bestellt worden sein, wird ETRE-FORT gerne den Kaufpreis, die Transportkosten für das Retournieren, die angefallenen Zölle und Steuern (durch Quittungen zu beweisen) sowie die ursprünglichen Versandkosten erstatten. Die Produkte werden nicht zurückgenommen, wenn die Produkte Spuren des Gebrauches aufweisen, wie beispielsweise:
– Spuren, welche auf normalem Traggebrauch basieren
– Höhere Umstände, beispielsweise Naturkatastrophen
– Spuren von unsachgemässem Gebrauch
– Eingriffe des Käufers oder Drittpersonen
– Extremer Gebrauch oder extreme Beeinflussung durch den Kunden

(5) If the product is lost during the return transport, no costs will be refunded. We recommend that you send the product with which provides a track & trace service

Sollte das Produkt während des Rücktransportes verloren gehen, werden keine Kosten zurückerstattet. Wir empfehlen, das Produkt mit einem Anbieter zu senden, welcher Track & Trace offeriert.

(6) No Refund or exchange of products on sale / or with any % off.

Kein Umtausch oder Rückgaberecht auf Produkte welche Heruntergesetzt waren oder “on sale” gekauft wurden.

6. Guarantee

If flaws on delivered merchandise/product are verified by the orderer, we will be liable for correction of faults or replacement within decent time. If we do not accomplish this, the orderer has the right of choice of rescission of purchase or decrement of purchase price. Excluded from guarantee are flaws and disorders we do not have to be responsible for such as natural wear, act of nature, inappropriate handling, encroachments by the customer or third-party, excessive strain or extreme environmental influences. If the customer resells the products, the compliance of national and international export regulations are his responsibility. If the customer modifies the resold products, he is liable for the resulting damage towards us, the buyer or third-party. The regulations of the product iability law remain reserved.

7. Duty to supply information

The parties inform each other in time about obstacles, which can cast doubt on the contractual fulfillment or lead to inappropriate solutions.

8. Return/Revocation

8.1 Return/Revocation of textiles

The supplied product is basically taken back by us, provided its hygenically perfect. Underclothes (slip, socks etc.) can for hygenic reasons only be returned unworn. Upper garments (top, bra, T-shirt etc.) can be tried on and sent back.

8.2 General regulations of return/revocation

The commodity is to be returned within ten days after receiving in the original packaging to our distribution center with specification of the invoice number and reason of the return. We reserve for ourselves the refusal of return/revocation, if the returned product is not hygenically perfect. If the orderer verifies flaws on delivered product, we will account for correction of faults or replacement within decent time. If we do not accomplish this, the orderer has the right of choice of rescission of purchase or decrement of purchase price. The orderer has to bear the cost of the return.

9. Security and data protection

The data necessary for business purposes will be stored. All personal data will be naturally treated as confidential. We reserve for ourselves to use the data for the examination of the postal correctness. The credit card transactions will be executed via PayPal. Furthermore each transaction is authorized and checked by PayPal. Blocked or false cards cannot be used.

10. Conditions of participation: Competition “LYCZ weekend”

Entitled to participate are all individuals 18 years of age and older, except staff members of the company ETRE-FORT as well as their relatives. The winners will be informed in written form. No correspondence will be conducted about the raffle. The prize must be redeemed on 11th – 13th July 2014 on the occasion of the LYCZ weekend and cannot be replaced. The prize cannot be paid out in cash. There is no right of appeal. By participating in the contest you agree and ETRE-FORT using the personal information provided by you for marketing purposes. No obligation to buy. End of participation: 14th May 2014.

11. Final clauses

Area of jurisdiction is Berne, Switzerland. We may however also call the court at the location of the customer. Exclusively Swiss law is used, even for orders or deliveries abroad. The parties will strive to settle any disputes resulting from the execution of this agreement amicably. With order of merchandise/product these general terms and conditions are regarded as accepted. Modifications or additions of the general terms and conditions exclusively take place by us. They must take place in written form.

Terms & Conditions 2014 / AGB 2014


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