You know those days, when everything falls into place and the hard training pays off? You meet with friends, the sun might be shining or it’s raining cats and dogs. It all doesn’t matter, because you know: today is your day, your moment!
You move, always forward, jump, run, climb up and down again. You’re totally sweaty and out of breath – you are happy and feel good. That’s what counts! It is your moment, your ETRE-FORT EFfect.
And what is our EFfect? To show you, we produced a series of videos with our athletes. Take a look and watch how they experienced their ETRE-FORT EFfect.

Contest – What is your ETRE-FORT EFfect
Show us your ETRE-FORT EFfect and win an EFfect package including a Parkour and Freerunning pant EF-T1 and a T-Shirt EFfect.
To participate in the contest, all you need to do is upload a picture or video on Facebook or Instagram and tag it with #etrefortEFfect und #etrefort.
Out of all the pictures and videos posted, we will draw a lucky winner every Friday (last raffle September 22nd 2017), to receive the EFfect package. So don’t wait much longer, share your ETRE-FORT Effect with us! Check out the official EFfect shirt



Rules / Terms & Conditions
The winner will be drawn by the official ETRE-FORT jury. The winners will be notified in written form. No correspondence will be carried out. Cash payments and recourse to courts of law are excluded. Participation in the draw takes place separately from an order or purchase. The contest takes place until the end of September 2017.
By participating in the contest with photo, video or text submissions, you agree to ETRE-FORT GmbH publishing your submission (photo, video, text, etc.) including your name.
ETRE-FORT clearly rules out all liability for property damages, personal damage or financial losses, which emerge in connection with the participation in the contest – so far as permitted by law.
Final clauses
ETRE-FORT can change the conditions of participation at any time. Place of jurisdiction for all controversies is Bern, Switzerland. The Swiss law solely applies.