ETRE-FORT Parkour athlete Dimitri Reimer

ETRE-FORT Parkour athlete Dimitri Reimer is one of the most experienced tracers in Germany. Virtues such as sustainability, modesty and determination mark his character and are of high value to him. As serious as his personality is, he is always good for fun and laughter. Find out more about ETRE-FORT Parkour athlete Dimitri Reimer and check out the presentation video.

How long have you been practicing Parkour and how did you discover it?

I really like reminiscing that time. I discovered Parkour at the end of 2001 – I was 16 years old then. At that time I was still an artistic gymnast and after our coach suffered a severe accident, my teammates and I coached ourselves the last few years. It was slowly coming to an end and just by chance did I come across a documentation about Parkour. These thrilling impressions, which were so very close to what we had been training in the gym over many years, captivated me. From that day on I discovered the bleachers in the gym and continuously tried to climb up as fast as possible, before energetically dropping back into the mats. The transition was smooth and I began to train outside more often, until I finally completely gave up gymnastics. I knew then already how powerful Parkour could become. Rediscovering one’s own environment was so overwhelming – it’s hard to put into words.

What inspires you?

Still the feeling I experienced when I first began.
The feeling of having to make a decision – correctly interpreting that feeling deep in your gut and rediscovering oneself all over again. My driving force today is imparting Parkour.
I want to leave something behind in this world, that can last and enable new ways for people.
The concept of teaching Parkour according to TRuST gives me exactly that tool to pass on the values of Parkour and its holism. I believe in this day and time it is more important than ever to create an honest basis, respectful intercourse with resources and fellows and intercourse with the own body in the community. To me being a tracer means to live these values and be useful for others.

Why opt to work with ETRE-FORT?

I know Roger and Felix for a long time now. What I have come to value about those two is the way they put themselves out for Parkour. Their goal is always the sustainable and genuine dealing with Parkour. One can feel that they are tracers to the core. I personally have a lot to thank them for.
They have managed to convey a symbol, a conduct through EF. It is not just a brand but much rather a passion of real tracers. I like to compare it to nature.
EF is like an apple tree. Where others try to artificially grow the tree bigger than apple trees become, just to harvest the allegedly biggest and juiciest fruits, it is of more importance to Roger and Felix, that EF grows healthy and lasts long. Hereby the delicious fruits are an honest byproduct.
I’m especially thankful for the LYCZ Days, at which I once again got to learn a lot about myself. An incredible experience. In my opinion EF is a clear statement for the community.

Describe your personal training, how do you train, what do you focus on?

My personal training consists mainly of balance and adaptive movement. I like moving powerfully. It is crucial to me to understand why we move. I try to feel every movement and attentively listen to my body. My biggest training goal today, is to remain healthy and strong over the next 40 years.

What’s your favorite spot?

I enjoy calm places, where I can practice genuinely and concentrated.
Practicing alone without spectators is very important to me. It is during these moments that I recognise myself and the word practice gains a whole new meaning. I actually don’t have a favorite spot. What I don’t like are spots, that offer everything at once.

être fort pour être… (be strong to be…)?