ETRE-FORT Parkour athlete Ramon Siegenthaler

ETRE-FORT Parkour athlete Ramon Siegenthaler is a pioneer of the Swiss Parkour scene. His Parkour journey began in the early 2000s. He is without a doubt one of the most experienced tracers outside of France. Also known as the Black Panther, or sometimes even called a Gibbon, his versatility, creativity, and especially graceful yet powerful movement are just a few characteristics. His training is very serious and disciplined, however he is always up for a great laugh and good jokes. Find out more about ETRE-FORT Parkour athlete Ramon Siegenthaler and check out the presentation video.

How long have you been practicing Parkour and how did you discover it?

I’ve been practicing since about the end of the year 2000. Therefore I’m a pioneer outside of France and been living by this philosophy since 17 years. My neighbor Roger Widmer saw a tv documentary about David Belle and went training outside. At some point he asked me if I wanted to join him on a “Parkour”. My answer was yes 🙂

What inspires you?

Parkour is a movement every human carries within. Most people lose it as they grow up. Therefore it is a natural thing. One becomes mentally and physically stronger, can asses oneself and overcome obstacle. The feeling freedom during practice is what I find inspirational.

Why opt to work with ETRE-FORT?

Roger and Felix are two of my best friends and we’ve been training together for 17 years.
I believe ETRE-FORT can convey an attitude towards life.
I also believe that ETRE-FORT can become huge, however to achieve this requires lots of people working towards this goal.

Describe your personal training, how do you train, what do you focus on?

I’m 34 and feel stronger than ever before. Inspired by the training methods of David Belle and the Yamakasi, my practice a lot of strength and endurance training. Repetition and basics are the most important. My motto is “giving up is not an option”. I always train outside, rain or shine. That makes me a real OT who very rarely goes into a gym.

What’s your favorite spot?

Lisses! The origin of it all, however I’ve stopped training there for many years now, out of respect towards the residents.

être fort pour être… (be strong to be…)?

être fort pour être utile and être fort pour être durée