Our Mission

“être fort pour être utile”

(to be strong to be useful)

This motto expresses our mission. ETRE-FORT stands for staying tuned, for “biting through”. Anyone who breaks new ground will also experience defeats. Even after defeats to get up again with new courage to overcome the next obstacle. With ETRE-FORT it is important to us that you too can go your way innovatively and confidently. We want to accompany you in the future.

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We connect people with a passion for movement, who share their experiences and make the spirit of ETRE-FORT tangible. As a young and innovative fashion label, we have set ourselves the goal of supporting interesting and ambitious projects. According to the motto “être fort pour être utile”, we want to use our means to help.

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One percent for the planet

Since 2012 we are proud member of ONE PERCENT FOR THE PLANET. Since then, we have donated 1% of our sales to environmental organizations.

1% for the planet

TRACEability Line

You want to know where your Parkour clothes come from? “TRACEability” means 100% traceability of all production steps. Order your favourite Trace-Ability ETRE-FORT clothing today.

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Our team is made up of a wide variety of people. But one thing unites us: the joy of overcoming new obstacles.  Learn all about the founders, our athletes or our communities. Get to know the ETRE-FORT team better.

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