gym sack

New ETRE-FORT Gym Sack

The purpose of a gym sack is to have a minimal bag to carry your essentials for the occasion. There are tons out there. It’s the small details, that make the difference. We believe our ETRE-FORT Gym Sack is right up there with the best ones.

The details of the ETRE-FORT Gym Sack will convince you to use this for your training sessions. The cords have just the right thickness. This will keep the bag comfortable on your back, without them cutting into your shoulders even with a light load. We als added a seperate zippered side pocket for your valuable belongings, such as your phone.

gym sack

We chose a tough material for the bag. It’s robust enough for you to drag the ETRE-FORT Gym Sack to and from your hard training sessions. A bit of water resistance is also given, to keep your gear dry for a while. Last but not least, we have also included to carry handles. Turn the bag into a shopping bag. Your neighbors will be jealous. Get the bag here!

ETRE-FORT gym sack