New ETRE-FORT Parkour and Freerunning athlete Endijs Miscenko

Our new ETRE-FORT Parkour and Freerunning athlete Endijs Miscenko has amazing leg power and seemingly no sense of fear. Over the past few years Endijs has become more and more popular within the Parkour and Freerunning community, appearing at various events.

As with every new athlete we asked the standard questions, for you to get an insight into his personality. Here are his answers…

How long have you been practicing Parkour and Freerunning and how did you discover it?

I’ve been practicing Parkour since 2010. Started in Latvia when I was 11 after seeing Yamakasi, moved to Germany, forgot about it for a couple of years and found a group of people who practiced here in my city.

What inspires you?

Just life basically. Nature, people, movement, music, art, culture. You can find inspiration anywhere.

Why opt to work with ETRE-FORT?

I’m very glad to work with such a community-oriented and transparent company. ETRE-FORT is great and has a great cause.

Describe your personal training, how do you train, what do you focus on?

I like to explore a lot and do new challenges every training. Most of the time I go somewhere where I haven’t been before and try to have the most fun at that spot. It’s usually just something really challenging or new. Something that’s scary for me or out of my comfort zone.

What’s your favourite spot?

Don’t have one. Give me a new spot every training and I’ll be more than satisfied 😀

être fort pour…

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