Buy the new ETRE-FORT Slim Pants EF-F1

Your favorite Parkour and Freerunning pants are now available in a new version. We present the best Parkour and Freerunning pants in a slim design, the new ETRE-FORT Slim Pants EF-F1.

Whether you’re dressed to just chill for the day or you’re looking to break sweat in a hard training session, the new ETRE-FORT Slim Pants EF-F1 will be your first choice.

These pants come with all the great features of our other Parkour pants – only better. The functional and design ideas of the Slim Pants EF-F1 were carefully thought through from a tracer’s perspective . After years of experience with our original Parkour pants, we made sure we let your feedback and thoughts flow into the new design concept.

As always you can rest assure, that ETRE-FORT Slim Pants EF-F1 meet the highest quality standards. The  robust yet stretchy fabric allows for a great freedom of movement. The internal pockets have been updated, making them easily accessible through the side pockets.

You will surely feel comfortable and with all your belongings well in place, you can completely focus on your training.

Head to the shop, to see more details and purchase the ETRE-FORT Slim Pants EF-F1.