New video: ETRE-FORT EFfect – Paris

You know those days, on which everything seems to fall perfectly into place and the hard training is worth while? You meet your friends, the sun is possibly shining or it’s absolutely bucketing down. It doesn’t matter, because you know: today is your day, your moment!

You’re in motion, always forward, jump, run, you ascend and descend. You’re suddenly soaked with sweat, out of breath – you’re happy and feel great. That is what counts! It’s your moment, your ETRE-FORT EFfect!
It is finally here, the third installment of our ETRE-FORT EFfect series: EFfect – Amsterdam featuring our athletes Pedro PhoskyOliver Thorpe, Callum Powell and Thibaut Granier.
Camera and edit by Sergio Cora Campos
Enjoy the final of video of this 3 part series and if you haven’t, make sure you check the previous two right here.