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Parkour Pants EF-OT

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The perfect Parkour and Freerunning pants to train hard or just chill. Once you‘ve worn them, you will never abandon them.
Average men’s size: 2XL
Average women`s size: M/XL


The features speak for themselves. The functionality convinces your mind, the design wins your heart. The Parkour pants ( and Freerunning) EF-OT (OT stands for original tracer) ideally match high quality demands and offer maximum freedom, as well as optimal utility. Years of experience and passion for Parkour characterize the pants.

Color combos:
Black with grey gadgets
Grey with black gadgets

Special gadgets:
– Key leash in side pocket
– Money pocket
– Phone pocket
– T-shirt holder
– Zippered side pockets
Adjustable drawcord at leg end

Material: 80% cotton / 20% polyester

Average men’s size: 2XL

Other color combos available with the EF-T1

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