Stretch Jeans EF-J1


This is the ultimate parkour and freerunning pant! Check our size chart to find your perfect size. Average men’s size: L | Average women`s size: S


So versatile that it doesn’t want to be missed by any traceur or freerunner. The Stretch-Denim Jeans EF-J1 is so stretchy, you can go to class or attend your business meeting right after your taining session.

Of course we kept the T-shirt holder. You wouldn’t want to get your button-up shirt sweaty. You can chose to wear the EF-J1 it with a belt, or use the internal drawstring to keep it tight around your waist. What’s more though, you can chose to tie up the drawstring on the inside of the Jeans or outside. They can be maneuvered onto both sides thanks to the button holes.

– Color black
– White EF print on coin pocket
– Slim fit
– Material stretch-denim
– 5 pockets
– Internal drawstring
– Buttoned fly
– T-shirt holder on backside

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