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Parkour long sleeve

Long Sleeve Comfort Zone 2.0

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Progression and success is achieved by putting in that extra bit of effort. With the EF long sleeve shirt „Comfort Zone 2.0“ you’re all geared up.
100% organic cotton
100% fair production
and much more…


The new Parkour and Freerunning long sleeve shirt „Comfort Zone 2.0“ will keep you at ease in the most intense situations. Master rugged circumstances with elegance and comfortable feeling.

Suitable for any occasion, the long sleeve shirt comes in a fine cut with subtle details such as the brand logo stitched on the front, as well as êtrefort stitched on the left shoulder and stamped on the buttons. Fashionable, chic, sporty and casual, the „Comfort Zone“ shouldn’t be missing in your wardrobe.

This shirt is part of the TRACEability line:
– 100% organic cotton
– 100% fair production
– 100% ecologic fashion
– 100% CO2 neutral textiles
– 100% transparency down to the cultivation
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Colour: black
Embroidery: silver-grey
Material: 97% organic cotton / 3% elastane

Average men’s size: L