New Parkour and Freerunning T-shirt “PARKOUR DE NUIT”

We have a new T-shirt available. The new EF T-shirt PARKOUR DE NUIT. A must-have for all Parkour and Freerunning enthusiasts.

Parkour de nuit was and still is an important part of  Felix’ and Roger’s Parkour training. If you do your research, you’ll realise that most OTs practice this training method. Should the phrase Parkour de nuit leave you with a huge question mark above your head, you should go do your research.

To pay homage to the spirit of this training method, we first released the EF-OT ALL BLACK. Now we have the matching T-shirt to got with it. The print on the front of the black T-shirt symbolises an urban environment at night. Other than it upholds all the ETRE-FORT quality standards, our customers appreciate.

The PARKOUR DE NUIT T-shirt for your nightly Parkour and Freerunning missions can be purchased here.