Parkour Meeting Banská Bystrica – Slovakia

If you don’t have any plans this coming weekend 16th – 18th July, then Banská Bystrica is the place to be. If you do have plans, you might want to scrap those and make it to this Parkour gathering.

An ongoing event since 2011, a group of traceurs motivated by their love for Parkour, have since then annually organized this event dedicated to the art of motion. It is a non-profit event, focused on bringing the community together to enjoy an entire weekend, training and sharing their experiences. Each year they try to invite international tracers as special guests to share their experience and training methods with the participants. Therefore we at ETRE-FORT took this opportunity to send our athlete Bogdan Cvetkovic there, to inspire the people with his passion and dedication.

The organizers try to host this event as cheap as possible to make it accessible to everyone. For only 12 Euros the participants have access to all training facilities, receive a T-shirt, and can feast on healthy food, yoghourt, drinks and more.

This is possible thanks to the sponsors who play their part in providing material such as food and drinks, posters, radio airtime and articles. We at ETRE-FORT didn’t even hesitate for a second when we heard about this gathering and support them by providing clothes for this event.

To find out more visit their Facebook page ( You’ll find pictures of the past events, more information on the upcoming event and can get in touch with the organizers.

This year will be a great success once again, don’t miss it!

Check out the video from last year’s event