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Product Care

We manufacture our products with the goal that they remain your favorite for as long as possible. But over time there can be holes, zippers that jam and the color can look a bit less intense than when new (we do not dye with aggressive chemicals). We believe that it is useful to provide you with some know-how on how to care for your products – actually doing it is up to you.
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How to wash

You should always start by following the care instructions on the product itself. As a rule of thumb, you should wash your favorite garment only when it is really needed. Machine washing causes signs of wear and tear on every product and puts additional stress on zippers, elastic bands, color and other details. In addition, washing is harmful to the environment as it requires a lot of water and energy.

If you still decide to wash it, keep the following in mind:

Wash your clothes at a max of 30°C.
This will save energy and your garment won’t shrink.

Your product has a print?
Wash it inside out to preserve a nice print quality for as long as possible.

Just ditch the fabric softener!
It can leave waxy residues that affect the breathability for the fabric.

Use bleach-free laundry detergent whenever possible to keep the color of your garment as intense as on the first wear.

Patch & repair

If you use your favorite product often, it will eventually wear out. We do everything to ensure that it happens as late as possible and that our products last a long time. When the time comes, think about whether it is really necessary to change your product or whether you can still repair something, or whether it might not be that tragic after all. Holes can be sewn up, zippers repaired or reinserted, and cords can be replaced. Would you like more detailed tips? Get it contact with us!

You’ve got more questions?

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