Parkour Pants EF-T1 Kids

105.00 CHF

EF-T1 black with orange
EF-T1 grey with orange
EF-T2 grey with black
4XS (Kids)

Our classic baggies. Is there anything more comfortable for almost any activity? We don’t think so. All we can say about them is: once you’ve worn them, you will never abandon them.


1 zipped back pocket

2 zipped front pockets with inner zipped pockets for money, phone or valuables

Keyleash inside front pocket

Shirt holder on the back

Adjustable elastic at leg end

Fabric & Care
Our Baggy Pants are made in Vietnam by our trusted producers.
For the comfortable fit and feeling when wearing, we use 80% cotton and 20% polyester, the little extra that lets you move without restrictions.
Wash our Baggy pants at 30°.
To lose as little color as possible (since we do not use harmful chemicals for dyeing, the color can be less long lasting than on regular clothing), just put them in the freezer for a day and just brush off any dirt.