Bogdan Cvetkovic

ETRE-FORT - PARKOUR CLOTHING - Parkour Pants - Parkour gear - Bogdan Cvetkovic - Boki
Nationality: Belgrade, Serbia
Date of Birth: 29.09.1989
Discipline: Parkour since 2003
Etre fort pour… être et durer
Milestones: 2004 Founder of Pk Serbia Commercials, shows and workshops in Serbia, Europe and the World

In the fast-paced 21st century, Bogdan “BOKI” Cvetkovic can already be considered an old-school traceur. He started training Parkour in 2003, and is now one of the most experienced traceurs in Serbia. Through his open-minded, curious nature and his incredible skills, he is well-known in Parkour communities all over the world. His biggest passion is teaching Parkour and everyone who has had the pleasure of being taught by him knows what he’s living for!

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