Thibaut Granier

Nationality: Paris, France
Date of Birth: 26.03.1987
Discipline: Parkour since 2003
Etre fort pour… être utile (That the meaning of what I do parkour. I do it to be prepare of what could happen.)
Milestones: Team David Belle / Founder ParkourParis / Movies & Commercials all over the World

Thibaut Granier is a traceur since 2003. People like to refer to him as an OT. He formed a group called the Shintai and after becoming a student of David Belle, he joined David’s team as well. He is the founder of Parkour Paris and runs one of the biggest Parkour schools in France. Being from the old school, you know his training will consist of hard physical and mental conditioning. If you’ve ever been around him, you know he doesn’t shy away from big jumps and always searches for that next mental and physical challenge. Apart from running the school, he also travels a lot with his team. Be sure to check out their videos. If you like that raw, efficient movement, you’ll find it with Thibaut and his team.

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