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A brand which reflects the spirit and mind of Parkour. Roger Widmer is goldsmith, teacher of arts and crafts as well as education of adults and loving father of a familiy. Felix Stöckli (chef, globetrotter and all-round talent). Together they are the perfect team. Joint performances on ventures such as ParkourONE already indicated that they advance efficiently, if they unite their strengths. „ We are proud and delighted to watch from now on, as ETRE-FORT together with the people that wear this brand, pursue new paths!“.

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Roger Widmer | Felix Stöckli


Roger Widmer

Innovation, creativity and untiring will were handed to him by birth. Giving up or failing is never an issue. There’s only one movement for him which is efficiently bound forward. Roger Widmer as a Parkour-pioneer outside of France, he has been shaping the Parkour scene in his way since the year 2000. He considers himself a Parkour-hardliner. He lives for Parkour’s values and philosophy as hardly none other. He overcomes obstacles through determination. Subjunctives are non-existent for him. And those who know him, know he lives for what he does. And thus he’s first and foremost a caring father and husband.

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Münsingen, Switzerland


since 2000

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Felix Stöckli

Being one of the first non-French Tracers, Felix Stöckli along with his friends Ramon and Roger got things underway in the year 2002. The German-speaking Parkour community has since been growing larger. He’s a person full of energy, of precise structures and perfect planning. As a perfect cook, he doesn’t let anything scorch and overcomes his obstacles immediately. Felix is a loyal friend, who doesn’t shy away from challenges. ETRE-FORT doesn’t grace his right upper arm for nothing.

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Basel, Switzerland

No specific – too many great spots

since 2002

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