Felix Stöckli – Iseli

Nationality: Basel, Switzerland
Date of Birth: 21.05.1985
Discipline: Parkour since 2002
Etre fort pour…  être fort
Milestones: 2002 founder PkMünsingen
2007 founder PkONE
2012 founder ETRE-FORT
Shows and Workshops all over the world

Being one of the first non-French Tracers, Felix Stöckli along with his friends Ramon and Roger got things underway in the year 2002. The German-speaking Parkour community has since been growing larger. He’s a person full of energy, of precise structures and perfect planning. As a perfect cook, he doesn’t let anything scorch and overcomes his obstacles immediately. Felix is a loyal friend, who doesn’t shy away from challenges. ETRE-FORT doesn’t grace his right upper arm for nothing.

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