Andrew Obenreder

Nationality: USA
Discipline: Parkour/Freerunning

Andrew Obenreder is a mover, artist, nomad, storyteller and fellow human being who has been training parkour since 2003. He was introduced to parkour through an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! featuring the Yamakasi, and since then, he has traveled around the world, helped develop communities all over and has worked alongside some of the world’s largest brands. Even prior to learning about parkour, Andrew had always been moving and was obsessed with functional movement, not just that of humans but that of other animals and machines as well. His goals are to be strong and to simply move functionally; parkour is just one of the methods he uses to get there and does anything that keeps him moving. Andrew aims to use his life as a means to inspire others, help those in need, strive for some sort of positive change in the world and as an excuse to have a damn awesome time.

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Photos by Lalo Romero & Thamara Monroy