Born To Trace

Nationality: Spain
Discipline:  Parkour & Freerunning

They are a group of friends hailing from Barcelona that got to know each other through Parkour in 2007 and have been training together since then. In 2009 they decided to name themselves Born To Trace and get active in interesting projects as a team.
The Tracers all have in common their love to travel and gain wonderful experiences. Everyone studies or works in different fields. Parkour is their way of training and to take profit in getting to know the world and live out good experiences. However they are against participating in any events which damage the image of Parkour and don‘t believe that it is correct to use Parkour to promote brands in an unsuitable way. Their aim is to use Parkour as a way of personal growth in a physical and psychological way, to learn from life and share knowledge with others.

Marc Lloret Torres “Defo”
Why EF?:
“We had a talk about our passion for Parkour, we share the same spirit and vision and feel equally connected to the origin of this discipline.”

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